Flamboyant Winter

The flamboyance of winter, the buoyancy of snow, falls through the ether in a wintry glow.

Ice shards a plenty like diamond banners covers all crevices

The white fragile wonder crushed underfoot, freezes my breath and brings to others a quickened death

Some say the world dies when snow arrives, but for me it comes alive, it brings life

For when the snow is gone, freshness of nature comes fully alive!

This is a litany to the snow, my misty, mystic, graceful show

How I watch in wonder to see, all the things that frost can bring

Webs of glass and footprints of birds, an ushered silence is much deserved

For with snow I have reverence and deign, to wait for it to return again.

© Tina Cousins 2013

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One response to “Flamboyant Winter

  1. Sounds so nice aloud: “The white fragile wonder crushed underfoot”.

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