Ode to domestic violence

Treason, my heart suffered treason

At your hand and your doings

When you hit me my heart broke

And on my tears I did choke a question why?

Why did you leave me this way?

A place where I dread to wake

A memory of violence for violence’s sake

That was your mistake

I need to go now

Away from you

I need to leave you

Your heart isn’t true

For if you loved me

You’d have kept me like a precious statue of glass

Your test you didn’t pass

I am going

At last

For some reason as I wrote this I had a nice, cool, reggae beat at the back of my mind, this had full intentions of being a song but for some reason I heard it in my mind as a reggae style, but I couldn’t improve it, I felt it would have been ruined if I made it any longer.


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10 responses to “Ode to domestic violence

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  2. sorry, computer is playing up. I was going to end with: really super poem, I found it a captivating read and read it several times. thank you for sharing 🙂 All the best from Baldy 🙂

  3. This is a remarkable poem, one I hope was written in character rather than from personal experience, dear lady. the whole poem was wonderfully delivered but I particularly liked the line :’if you loved me, You’d have kept me like a precious statue of glass’. rea

    • Unfortunately it is personal experience, both with how I was raised and the guy I ran away to, in order to get away from parental abuse became aggressive near the end of the relationship too, I had just turned 21 when I left him.

      • bless you, I am sorry to hear that, brighter times now, yes?

      • Yes, unusually quiet, peaceful, I am finding it a bit of a culture shock that life generally isn’t like that. Paul is lovely, there’s a lot of lovely, friendly, helpful people up here and life is becoming a lot less frightening for me. It’s nice, but I know it sounds weird, it also makes me a little uncomfortable as it’s a little hard to believe that how I was living wasn’t normal for all those years growing up. But I think I will get used to it, slowly am already.

    • Because of my experiences also, I write about domestic violence a lot in at least half my stories that are in the horror category.

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