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Lady Dragon (pic)

do not copy.

do not copy.

I have been practicing drawing and pastel chalk art a lot this week, I’ve never been the sort of person to practice her drawings but I think now is the time as I am taking an interest in drawing pictures based on my poems; earlier this week I mistook that for graphic poetry but that’s a totally different sort of art to what I aim to do.

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part of me

There’s a dragon in me that’s snoring

Its energy it is storing

Its story has yet to be told

For now it is napping

 But its mind is gently tapping

Beyond the realms of norm

When she awakes a fire she makes

Within each breath she breathes

I cannot tell when she’ll come

But she’s always a part of me

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reality come to check

So near and yet still so far

I’ve a long way to get home

I cannot tell how far it is

So until then I’ll have to roam

I seek home here and I seek home there

Where there are better days

I need my reality to come to check

I feel like I’m in a craze

What am I and who will I be?

That’s the question now

Maybe I will find out some day

But until then I’ve much to plough

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My dragon & art

I drew this the other day

I drew this the other day

This is my attempt at drawing a dragon, it’s not 100% good because I am not an actual artist and I rarely practice drawing; in fact, I’ve only ever done about thirty pictures in the whole of my adult life, though many would dispute that I can draw like this given that fact.  Why?

Art is an innate talent in the family I was raised in and therefore I used to sit and watch many people draw, I am better at outlines than details.  I will be trying to do a lot more drawings in future because I am going insane with the images in my mind that I can’t put down on paper as accurately as I see them.  I want the world to see what’s in my mind as well as hear about it.  There’s fantastical landscapes I want to draw and many other things, unfortunately I am very unlucky in that all my best works have either been stolen, ripped up by angry people, had drinks spilled on them or accidentally left in the care of toddlers.  I am really angry about a piece of art I accomplished about twelve years ago, it was my personal project at a day center for home schooled kids, they specialized in art and creative writing and they let the kids choose what they do all the time, nothing structured and I worked on the same piece of art for six months, determined to make it look like  a black and white photograph; the picture was of Dracula’s castle (based on the supposed real castle) everyone commented how 3D it looked and in that whole time it was only about a third done, then I was put back into mainstream education without the chance in saying goodbye to the people and friends at the center or the opportunity to get my hands on all my hard-work, so it was left there unfinished.  I begged something rotten to get that piece of art, but Violet just wouldn’t give in, too far, don’t like Leila (the organizer of the center) etc.

Another example of lost art is I did a picture of Baphomet on the throne holding the world in one hand and a scepter in another, it was my attempt at a copy of an image at the back of a Nostradamus book, I was so proud but unfortunately my boyfriend at the time (a devout Catholic) got the wrong idea and got angry at me and ripped it up before my eyes and called me a witch, he shortly threw me out of his house after that.

Though the world craves for new talent in art, art isn’t still widely accepted as a talent, past time or job and that’s such a shame, it needs to change.

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Just want to go home

A part of me is missing today in another world it plays

But the other me is in a daze, I try so hard to energy raise

I used to see the other world as clear as clear can be

But now all I see is grey and that’s scary to me

Though some are guiding me the best they can

I feel lost along my way

I hope that I can do more there

To build up strength and stay

Can anybody help me?

Or do I do this alone?

I have no clue what’s happening

I just want to go home

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tonight’s the night

Sometimes I wonder if I should swallow my pride and join

The enemies of my soul tonight because I feel purloined

Maybe then you’ll snap me up again and bring me home tonight

But I know you do not want that, as you love prolonging fights

Just be warned of my impatience, I will do funny things

I will turn my heel to the enemy and join them as a spiteful sting

Though it won’t be permanent, it will certainly get to you

Bringing home a message of things that I can do

I do not want the other side, do not get me wrong

But I feel that you need this warning as I can’t forever stay strong

You’re making me lose heart in my soul of eternity

You’re making me lose trust in those that could set me free

I cannot be a play thing, for much longer dear

So when I beg to be returned know that it’s sincere

And do not keep me waiting, for you’ll lose me for your side

And I will join the others until I’ve long enough have spied

I will then turn my heel on them and leave them for eternity

And watch you both in battle, whilst I set myself free

I will not choose a side in the end of time – perhaps?

I will be tired of both your games and snap

Though I will be lonely at least I trust myself

I am not a trophy to be won, I and be placed upon a shelf

I am angry now but not yet on fire be

Just listen to the words I say, the fire is almost lit

If you want to keep me safe and sound, then fix this puzzle quick

I am waiting and what will you do?

Tonight will determine what I do too…

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Mortal Hell

Tonight all my fantasies will come to light, even if for a few seconds

Though I’ll be sent back to Earth I will feel sorely stricken

It’s unfair to live in a world of men, where you do not fit in well

It’s a punishment though you say it’s not, but I feel that Earth’s my Hell

Why do you use me like a pawn?  Why can’t I come back home?

I know you say it’s for my protection, but I feel trapped that I can’t roam

I feel exiled from my world, I’ll feel outcast until I’m back

I need my return to be fast or I will surely crack

Don’t leave me long in the world of men, for my faith is being lost

I am getting colder to my loved ones my heart is threatening frost

So bring me home, you need me, to have you on your side

You cannot leave me abandoned and treat me as though I’ve died

I will find a way back home and combine my essences well

Be sure to know if I do it alone, my anger will surely swell

And both sides of the war will fall when I start my spells

Because you’ve left me here too long in a mortal Hell

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I’ve sailed

I’ve sailed the universe

I’ve sailed all oceans

I’ve sailed the universe

To find the one for me

I’m looking quite berserk

I think I need a nurse

But I know, there’s someone out there for me

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Don’t misinterpret

Someone is trying to frame me

For being on the other side

Someone is trying to frame me

Because I am the sweet bride

I cannot allow this to happen

For I am much more than that

I can outwit my enemies

I can be quite a brat

People misinterpret my each and every word

I cannot help their ignorance, but to think I lie’s absurd

I know what is happening behind those closing doors

I am telling the universe, I shall not be ignored

Karma has its uses; it knows who’s thick and thin

But to cross someone who’s innocent

Is the most terrible of sins

I sit and wait in darkness

For the world to fall apart

And I sit here waiting patiently

To gather is my art

I will save nations it is deemed as said

There is nothing evil in my marriage

And I am soon to wed

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Some say you are my curse

You are beautiful Grace

You are my infinite universe

Some say you are my curse

But I know you are mine

Whole and divine

I need you

I need to hold your hand

I cannot alone stand

I need your love

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