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Droid Pox

In a previous post last year, I mentioned that I play scrabble to rev up my brain for writing each day and also to assist me in writers block; some games take on a life of their own and bring about themes or stories unwittingly.
This happened to me again on my last game.

The theme seemed to be robots, technology and disease; it gave me a wonderful idea for a story that I don’t think I can pull off because it’s too technical and I am not a very technologically minded person.

The words played were “Droid”, “Pox”, “Robot”, “Death”, “Fail” and the idea these words gave me were…

A futuristic tale based on robotic advancements that are so great, robots take on a life of their own and a new computer virus is designed by outcast Eco-warrior type people who live rurally around the cities, specifically designed to kill off the new robotic race; quite similar to the idea behind the cyber-men in doctor who; this made me think of a droid pox that affects metals, electric and robots irreparably as it sort of corrodes the metal, this will also affect the infrastructure of the world – basically things that aren’t robot specific.

Obviously such a thing will cause a collapse of buildings, bridges, transportation, trade, importation, and society, as humans will have to start relying on their own manual labor as they did centuries before the collapse and they can’t cope – some can’t cope emotionally because some of the droids affected were disabled relatives that were given lifesaving or life enhancing robotic organs and limbs etc.

I really have no idea how to pull this off as I am not scientific or technologically minded at all and I really want to write this, but I think this will be an abandoned idea.

Shame really.

I am willing to discuss this with people who are science/technology savvy on this subject and perhaps we can work together on this story?

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A loss of faith

I lost my faith in being a good enough writer and updating this blog around May 2014 based purely on the daily viewer count I thought I was getting – which was something like one new viewer a week; however, a friend of mine taught me that I can find out how many regular viewers I get each day and this has given me back my confidence. At a guess I would have said I have around four to seven regular viewers, but my friend told me that I actually have forty.

Since giving up on the blog I have been very active at some Facebook writer groups, which has been giving me the urge to write again. I have made some fabulous friends there and many of them are nagging me to update my blog daily because they believe I have talent I am wasting; though personally I think there are better writers out there than me and I don’t find myself very original – they’ve demanded I stop being modest immediately, so here I go – updating again.

I know I am not very good at punctuation and possibly grammar, but I fully intend to start a course next summer to help with all that, as it does affect my confidence.

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shut up voice

I say go away to the voice in my head
For he annoying can be
Just shut up your moaning and stop all your droning
So I can get on with poetry

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shadows of the brook

There is an effervescent brook running through the forest
Green shimmers along its bumpy waves and shadows of bygone days
Moss upon rocks gives shelter to life, frogs sit upon them and they know no strife
The cackles of the woodland tease and frolic during the day
Always happy and larking, always in play
The shadows of the brook is always this way

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somethings in nature are obscure

The field is green, the sky is blue and yet I never tire of you
Nature fine and nature pure
Often I’ll find things that are obscure
Day to day there’s new things to find
And none of them are to be claimed for none of them are mine
Each breeze and petal, leaf and stone
Are not mine to touch, move or own
They are just there, for us to find
But most of us are almost blind
We try to own nature in any way
Take and take and do not play
I love nature, leave it be
Let all nature remain free

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