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Don’t kiss nature goodbye

Running through the dewdrops of the grass

My legs are soaked right to my arse

I prance and wonder about the place

How can humans destroy it, it’s a disgrace

How man can be so selfish, to reap and never sow

To build up coffined cities where nature cannot grow

I sit and pity the capitalists who really haven’t got the gist

That to survive you need the grass even if it soaks your arse

That you need the trees and bumblebees

You need all nature so

Because if you destroy it, where else is there to go?

You will starve and you will die

And all you will utter and cry is… why?

Because you have let nature die

What will you do when you starve?

Drink your oil and eat gold bars?

It’s a thing you need to think

Because what you’re doing really stinks

It’s so thoughtless and dangerous too

I hope my words breakthrough to you

You can change this barren world

To make a better future world

Where things thrive, not just us

Stop the deserts and the dust

Learn to build around nature

Only then you can feel nurtured

You can do it, if you try

You need to learn to apply

Nature around you from ground to sky

Maybe then nature won’t be kissed goodbye

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