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react to hate with love

I react to hate with love

Because hate needs to understand

Hate comes from ignorance and fear

Hate has no place here

Don’t say to me “don’t love me”

When you hate the things I say

Because I cannot do that

Your anger leads you astray

Peace is found with acceptance

Peace is found with love

You can’t get paradise if with others, you push and shove

You are not a holy person

If you are vitriol

You can’t spread the light

If you treat others with ill

You need to understand creation

We exist because he says so

So who are you to choose?

Who is saved or no?

My heart breaks for those who shout

Against their siblings dear

Whether they are black or white or Asian

Straight, bi or queer

We were all made by the creator

He knew us before we were born

It is the devil who wants us

To be stripped and killed and torn

Anger is his food

Anger is his way

So why do you allow anger, to get within your way?

When anger comes, reassess

Think of better things

Try to bring yourself to love

Never let your words sting

If something happens that you don’t like

You’re not confident or clear

You need to learn to find a place with love

With acceptance for all, my dear

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God is love, the devil is hate

I’m angry right now

So this is not the time to talk

I don’t want my anger to burn

I want my anger to walk

Never speak when you’re angry

It causes heartache and pain

Because it feeds the devil

It is his grain

Never talk when you’re angry

Just turn away and walk

Never open your mouth

If hatred is there

Never speak a word

If love isn’t there!

Because when you are angry, you have to beware!

God is love

The devil is hate

Realise this before it’s too late!


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God isn’t angry

Why are the most enlightened voices the most likely to be killed by suppressive sources?

Why do people condemn choices?

What business is it of theirs if you like this or that?

What peace could there be from attacking and spats?

They say God hates this and God hates that, but it’s all lies because we exist and that’s a fact

If God didn’t like it, then why create us?

If God hates us then why aren’t we dust?

Don’t tell me that I am doomed

Don’t overflow my life with crimson gloom

You don’t know God, because you hate

You are a devils child and don’t know his fate

You can’t talk of God if you are angry in fear

Because God is all about love let’s make that clear!

 Nothing is without God’s permission

He knew us before we were born, his own admission!

Most people are weak to the devils tricks

Because anger comes easier than love and it’s sick

Love is the thing you should be working towards

Not changing others, fighting with guns and swords

Love one another, don’t spread the hate

Keep your mouth shut before it’s too late

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Steampunk 2

Steampunk 2

This project started at around 2014 and I have been procrastinating a lot with continuing this, I have bursts of wanting to add things to it about once every four or five months, but those only last a couple of days.

I feel it’s a complicated project because I believe the believability of this fantasy steampunk may not be believable enough to its readers as I think this idea is very out-there…

I think it is only a matter of confidence really.

This idea is a family collaboration, including ideas from both Henry my son, and Paul my partner. Mostly the idea came from Christmas morning in 2014 I had such a bad chest infection we had to celebrate Christmas in bed. This meant, Henry enjoyed carrying up his presents to me on the bed to open them so I didn’t miss anything! In Henry’s eyes, it was the best Christmas ever, because it was so different! But then he says that every year! He had this idea my body under the duvet was a mountain for his cars to drive over and this started our game, which built this story!

That was a bad year for my chest, I was admitted to A&E (ER) the next day as it went into pneumonia, at this point I had had the infection since Halloween!

Below is what you may find in this standalone novel!



Religious figures


A coming of age hero

A close grandfather and grandson relationship

Steampunk themes


Existential crisis

Corny humour

Gross humour

Family friendly

Poetical interjections

Climate change


Bio mutualism

Debunking sciences

Debunking mythology

This story has been influenced by many things, primarily throughout my childhood rather than adulthood!  This story wasn’t decided upon entirely until 2014, but I had little thoughts here and there since I was about eight years of age!  So maybe the origin of this idea is much older than I originally said?

Here are my influences below for this particular story;

The never-ending story movies (never read the book)

The princess bride (the movie)

Are all the giants dead?  By Mary Norton

The BFG by Roald Dahl

The Matrix movies

Land of the giants (TV series)

The borrower’s books, TV series and movies

Gulliver’s travel and the movies

Innerspace movie starring Martin Short and Dennis Quaid

Noah’s ark from the bible

The shrinking scene in Willy Wonka and the chocolate factory movie starring Gene Wilder

I am pretty slow with this novel, because I don’t really have much of middle, unlike most of my other stories I do actually have a beginning and an end, but the middle is rather bland and needs a lot of work right now to make it more fleshed out and exciting!

I don’t suppose this work will actually be done within the next five years, but it is one of my top ten favourites to think about.

I haven’t completed draft one in all of this time!

The novel is hollow at the centre, because it has a beginning and it has a definite finale, but I just haven’t got much in the middle yet.

Thanks for reading!

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