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Poetry plans

I have never approached an agent or publisher with my songs and poems because I believe that that market is more difficult to get into that the novel market. 

I don’t know if it is true, but I think I would be wasting time sending poems to an agent in the autumn. 

I will however get my poetry and songs published, but I will do it another way.

The songs I am unsure about, potentially I may make music videos of my composed music and lyrics when I start a YouTube channel, or I may approach a friend who is a musician, I haven’t decided yet.

The poetry is easy; I will just publish through lulu or Amazon and then people can claim hard copies of it or download theme compilations of my poetry in the form of eBooks.

There are many themes I am compiling for this, so there will be a good variation of books available.

Some would have been from this blog, some would be new, it saves people having to try and find the poem they are looking for on the blog all the while.

Don’t worry, poetry will always be published here too! That won’t change!

The cover art hopefully will be my own too.

I will be doing this after I have completed my current project and sent that off to an agent – my Anthropomorphic Dystopian 1 book.

Thanks for reading!

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