Just don’t!

If you want me, talk to me

Get to know this girl

I like snuggles and chit chat

And to belong in this world

I need an embrace with a love that won’t end

I don’t want any hassle and I need a friend

I don’t want your gold and cocky emails

I just want your love

But I’m not for sale

Don’t think you can buy me with all of your things

I don’t care for big diamonds and gold itches and stings

I was once arm candy and I had a rich guy

But they thought that they owned me

Just another prize

But all I wanted deep in my heart was to feel cherished and treated as smart

I don’t want to go back there again

Being arm candy without a friend

I don’t want to hurt alone at night

Whilst sipping wine after a fight

I just want love, can’t you understand?

I can’t be bought, like a gilded arm band!

Nigel and Gene didn’t understand

That is why; they are no longer my man!

Sorry about this poem, tonight I had an email from someone who asked me to be their sugar baby, but I laughed at them and said I had to go.  Why did I do that?  Because it made me angry, I had to leave or be rude. personally they reminded me of a couple of my exes, no I wasn’t their sugar baby, but this made me angry and I had to leave that conversation.

My rich exes never lasted, because love wasn’t important to them.

OK, Gene dumped me, because of excess bleeding for several weeks as I tried to get over the miscarriage he caused when he hit me.– but I decided to leave Nigel because he wasn’t affectionate enough and he just wanted me to tag along to places, he made me feel like an escort, you know?  But I wasn’t and I didn’t get respect from his friends and their wives, because they were convinced that was what I was to him!

It’s uncomfortable.

I was not always in poverty either; I have experienced wealth, personal wealth, without a man.  Just, if anyone reading this is interested in me enough to approach me, like some of you have – please, just don’t try to buy me!  I am really not impressed by things; I am only looking for emotional stability with someone loving, OK?

I want my family to expand; I want a deep bond with someone, is that too much to ask?  Just because I have a pretty face and potential, doesn’t mean I don’t have a heart and I am not worthy of love and respect guys!

If it’s not my potential great looks when I lose the weight, it’s trying to steal my stories by feigning to be interested in me.  I don’t like it one bit.

I actually want to get married someday perhaps. I know I am 40 now, but, I am not beyond hope surely?

For goodness sake I just want to be someone’s precious baby, not a sugar one!

I am so angry and almost in tears right now over this idiot!

We never spoke before, he just presumed he’d flash his cash at me and I’d roll over like a – whatever! NO!

I thought just leaving the chat would calm me down, but this simmered for an hour and I just exploded. Sorry if this post is not comprehensive but its got me all GRRRRRAH!

I’m not untouchable, but if you are rich. I don’t give a flying monkey, I just want someone to love and they love me and just grrr… get on happily with my life!

I’m desperate for a new start, but the right start.

I have so much love to give!



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3 responses to “Just don’t!

  1. I hear you. I hope and pray you find the right man.

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