70’s and cringeworthy shoots

I feel in a 70s mood, but I don’t have any 70’s related clothing!

I was going to do an update pic of me though, still fat, but getting slimmer by the week.

I bought a dress about three years ago that couldn’t get past the shoulders and last Christmas I got it on but couldn’t breathe in it comfortably and it took six minutes with assistance to get out of the thing; but this dress fits like a glove now, but it shows every bulge.

I did do a full length picture of myself in that dress, but…

Unfortunately I am too insecure today for that particular dress, because although I have lost the weight, in my opinion I am even bigger than before when I look at the photo and my hair is really badly a mess!

The dress is floral blue, but the one I took the pic of and posted is green.

The long Covid alopecia just makes me look like I haven’t even bothered with it!

But, I suppose I’ve got to be honest with the progress, so…

Me today

I wore one of my favourite dresses for a full length picture instead, still look fat, but at least I am not cringing as much in this photo!

No make up, terrible hair, no awful glasses, but hey, it’s me.

I waxed my hair to make it stick down for the green dress photos, forgot I had black & white wax in the house when I did the blue floral photo!  Sorry the blue dress won’t be shown today, it’s too bad! Both shot on the same day – today in fact and this is not a scheduled post.

Remember my body skips between three dress sizes, day to day, I would say today I am middle of the road and I am having a bad day with food – meaning, today I haven’t eaten yet because my problems are starting up again. UK size 18 to 22 which is American size 14 to 18. Not bad when you consider that approximately a year ago I was a UK size 28/30, which is American 24/26; a total weight loss of four maybe five dress sizes!

The last time I weighed myself I had about a four pound weight loss in a week, due for another weigh Thursday. I should be at my goal weight for late July according to a website.

My weight loss goal is a UK size 14, which is US size 10, primarily because I know it’s hard to get below 180llbs for my body type.

If you want to see previous pics of me to compare here they are.

Remember, black is always slimming and I was significantly heavier in those pics than I am now! I was at least forty pounds heavier in the black dress than I am now. I may choose to do another photoshoot in a few days with trousers instead of dresses, so you can see my waistline better!

Thanks for reading and don’t judge, nobody is perfect!

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