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Normal really

Normal for me day – get these days the most, white cami, black trousers, white socks, black trainers. Regular me day, though this is also indicative that today is a high energy day, a day where I want to be physically active or sporty.

You can tell in the morning if I wear these clothes that it’s going to be a busy day usually, that I will generally be high energy until I pass out.

At school (though hardly in it) I was a gothic jock and I would say, health problems aside I am still pretty much a jock by heart.

I’m not like normal people who resent exercise, I am energised by it. But I hate doing things alone – though since being fat, I am self conscious of being around others when I exercise, as my competitive nature means I am often embarrassed by my lack of stamina these days! Yes, I can be very competitive!

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Matrix Key

I melt into you like mushy ice-cream on a hot summer’s day

My cold heart is thawing, now is it time to play?

I dream of a life that is better than my past

I will sail to my future it’s an adventure and fast!

I hope you won’t be shy when you come and find me

I hope you will understand my excitement and be free?

To be yourself whoever you may be

And together we will run into the sunset and let’s see

If all we knew is true and real

Have we left the matrix?

I think we’ve found the key

But together we are running towards the free formed sea

Are we going to drown in the waves?

You better not ask!

Because in happiness we are meant to bask!

Hand in hand we go together

To weather the storm and breathe the aether

We are one you and I

Together we will be free and fly!

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