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Polar bear day

I just want to be cosy and warm is that so much to ask?

It’s such a cold day today, I am in triple layers around the house and hugging a hotwater bottle.

This isn’t so much as a choice but a necessity, it’s polar bear day!

I am an orange grumpy polar bear who is in desperate need for snuggles right now!

Warm snuggles!

Happy reading…

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An ordinary day

Busy bee collecting nectar

Beetles hiding in the petals for its prey

It’s a an ordinary day in the garden

A gentle breeze caresses your cheek

As the swift flies you by

It’s an ordinary day in the sky

A pigeon pecking for bits of bread

As the dog lays down its nodding head

It’s an ordinary day on the ground

I look at you and you look at me

We smile now because we’re free

It’s not an ordinary day for us clowns

But our life starts now

For happiness is starting their round

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