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Top 10 foods

My top ten of everything food is here, to show you all what I like! 

Top 10 fruits


Red grapes






Jaffa Oranges

Cantaloupe melons


Top 10 Vegetables




Fava Beans


Red cabbage sauerkraut





Top 10 Breakfasts

Vegetable frittata

Scrambled egg bagels

Bacon Bagels (sorry gg)

Porridge/oatmeal with cinnamon


Nutty granola bars

Kippers with fried tomatoes on toast

Cheese and tomato on toast

Cornflakes with sugar and whole fat milk (not sorry)

Blueberry jam with warm croissants

Top 10 lunches

Tuna chive and mayonnaise bagel

Vegetable frittata

Chicken BLT

Ploughman’s sandwich

Chicken Cesar salad

Prawns with stir fry veggies

Heinz Tomato soup and crusty rolls

Corned beef salad sandwich

Jacket potato with cheddar and baked beans

Chicken salad wrap

Top 10 dinners

Minted roast lamb with mashed potatoes, carrots and peas

Roast lamb salad wraps

Chicken Arribiata

Salmon stir fry

Southern fried chicken, corn, wedges, BBQ beans

Roast turkey Christmas dinner with all the trimmings!

Homemade Lasagne with spinach salad

Homemade ocean pie and salad

Vegetarian pizza and coleslaw

BBQ chicken salad with boiled or scotch eggs

Top 10 favourite snacks

Nutty granolas or flapjacks

Any nuts in chocolate, honey etc

Sunflower seeds in vanilla

Sweet popcorn

Any potato chip

Dates and peanut butter




Avocado, banana and chocolate smoothie

Top 10 favourite desserts

Fruit salad

Pecan pie

Strawberry sundae

Strawberry cheesecake

Blackberry & cinnamon sugar crepes

Nutella crepes with flaked almonds

Crepes with maple syrup

Mille feuille

Melons and honey

Knickerbocker glory

Thanks for reading! 


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Bored of sausage & beans

It’s likely that in the next two weeks that my YouTube could be set up, still struggling to understand the technology behind it all, but I am hoping that I will have it up before December now.

I am totally not confident about showing my face on there right now, because I still have that missing tooth and the dentist hasn’t given me an appointment for the braces we’ve discussed yet as she has a backlog of appointments to get through.

I did try to remind her, but I seem to be lost in the paperwork somewhere.

So until the braces come I am not confident about showing my mouth in particular.  The tooth was pulled July 28th and though some of the gap seems to have closed itself with an exercise I found online to move teeth without braces, it isn’t happening as fast as I would like!

Stupid tooth would go and break on a chicken bone though wouldn’t it?  Gosh that makes me sound like a Neanderthal with chicken wings doesn’t it?  I guess I am though, lol, pretty crazy about wings.

I forgot to have my medication last night so today is pretty painful to eat for me and I may not keep things down.  Especially as the planned meal is a rare treat of a steak pepper pie with salad, can’t change my mind as the alternative is worse – Chicken Arribiata, I have problems with that at the best of times without having it when I’ve missed medication!

I love Arribiata but it’s too acidic for days like these!

I took the medication by now, but it won’t work in time for dinner.

On a positive note my size is slimming down faster than I expected, even my smallest clothes are getting big on me now.

Although I love it I am scared of it, because I can’t afford to replace clothing and at the rate I am losing the weight I will need a full wardrobe of clothes once every six to eight weeks!

To be honest with you, it’s why I am bringing forward the YouTube set up, I am hoping to try and get some money in order to replace my clothing so I don’t have to stall my exercises for a while, like I have been doing, just because I can’t afford the transition! I don’t have much choice over the diet, we can’t eat much lately as it is.

I am not confident I’d earn enough with YouTube alone, so I am going to be posting things in Instagram and putting my blog up for monetisation soon as well, because I need to try and get some kind of income coming in now that Paul is officially retired and our money looks cut again.

We really can’t stretch our money if there is another cut; we have lost £60 a week from this past Monday, so things are getting awful right now.  But Paul assures me it is temporary, The Royal Navy will give him a pension by the end of the month that will boost us again, but we have a whole four weeks of having £60 a week less than normal, we may not be able to pay our utilities this month.  Probably going to be the hardest month of my life!

I am just so glad I am not like my cousins who ignored my grandparent’s stories about how they coped with rationing during the war and actually partook in their lessons to learn how to stretch things out.

How that just because you opened a can of beans yesterday doesn’t make them inedible today – you just pour them into a pot with leftover veg and hey presto a vegetable soup, ok not ideal, but least you won’t starve!

But I’ve learned a lot from them, you see, I learned that those can of beans you open yesterday can be mixed up with fried sausages, onion and dried herbs with mashed potato as a lovely sausage & baked bean casserole – which is a family favourite!

I think every poor family in the UK was raised on sausages and baked beans; it seems to be the go to meal for the poor here.

To be honest with you I hate sausages, had them so often I actually don’t like them anymore, same with baked beans – I like them sometimes, but I am getting to the point I will be happy never to see sausages again!

Unless of course its garlic sausage, chorizo, salami or saveloy – gosh I miss having those!  But economy brand 60% breaded sausages are, well they are just ew ok?

You can more or less tell who is poor in the UK by their weight, if you are fat; you are probably on the tight budget – as healthy food comes at a premium here.

It’s a strange world when the fat is the poor and the rich are the slim.

You know we can go days without vegetables and that’s not a choice!  Meat and potatoes keep the poor fed!

You have no idea the trouble poor people have with their kids, because we’re taught that meat is unsustainable and your kids are like, but we heard eating meat is killing the planet mum; you don’t care about the planet.  Oh my gosh have you tried to explain to a child that it costs £20 a week to feed us in our 5 a day plan but it is only £12 a week for the meat and £5 for the potatoes?  When you are on a £30 – 45 a week budget, you can see why we’re not healthy, the poor!

I’d love to have fruit and veg every day, I don’t believe in the 5 a day plan, I am more of  anything over 7 is great kind of woman, before all this started to happen in my life!

Before our money got cut in 2017 for the first time, Henry was waking up to vegetable frittatas and carrot muffins, lunching on tuna and avocado pasta and dining on Roast lamb salads and we always had soup before dinner and a dessert after it!  Not anymore, often times we go without breakfast and lunch to help Henry at school and our dinners are rarely over 900 calories! 

I have to skip the protein shakes this month to survive!  Or dip into my £30 savings?

I already told Paul, leave that Christmas savings alone, we barely have £50 for that so far and its so hard telling Henry we just can’t do the Nintendo 64 you want love, we aren’t like your friends who can have that! Anyway, that’s a old console, weren’t that out when I was a teenager? Anyway Henry definitely said that’s what he wanted! He does like vintage stuff, so I am hardly surprised really!

Anyway, rant over, thanks for reading!

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Top 10 home life

Top 10 of everything about home life in my humble opinion – was bored and thought I’d share top 10s for the next few days, so you all can get to know me better!

Top 10 must have items around the house.

An abundance of cushions

A soft seating area near the kitchen for guests

Blankets (even in the living room, folded neatly in an ottoman or something)

A nice warm fireplace

An aquarium of tropical fish

Plenty of baking equipment

Nice soft rugs, like fleece (from sheared sheep, not killed, they get sheared annually – you are confused with sheepskin rugs)

A bath with a shower (as I like the option of both)

A board game store

A book nook

Top 10 things that is essential to a harmonious home life!

Talk don’t shout to people

Keep personal mess to a minimum and be mindful of others in the house

Everyone pulls their weight in chores & decorating

You should have a game night at least once a week with all the members of the household

You should have a once a week family cooking session!

There should always be home baked goods in the house

There should be at least one free roaming or semi-free furry pet in the house

Everyone has their turn for choosing the movie at movie night

Everyone eats together at the table

Just because you are at home with family doesn’t mean you forget your manners!

Top 10 household habits I have!

I do a round with all the family members including pets to say good morning and good night each day!

I always close the toilet seat when I have finished.

I have the perfect solution to how the toilet paper should be placed – don’t have a holder just shove it under a toilet doll or a box!

I disinfect toothbrushes three times a week!

I open a window in each room I can get into for at least an hour a day, no matter what – unless the weather is really bad!

I spray perfume around from time to time

I read in bed

I take a glass of water to bed with a top up flask each night

I clean computer keyboards at least once a week for everyone!

I move soft toys and cushion around a lot to rearrange and re-poof them!

But please trust me when I say, that the house I live in now doesn’t feel like a home to me because most of the things above are impossible here – there is no cooperation and nobody pulls their weight unless I am having a good day with my health!

I am totally uncomfortable where I am!

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They hate people like me

Sitting here reading my posts in the past few days has been hard for a lot of you, I know it has been because some of them has made Paul cry and he is hard to move usually.

Would you believe me if I told you before I got sick in 2013 that I was annoyingly positive and considered to be a cross between Pollyanna and Patty Simcox?  Yes, I had Pollyanna syndrome is it any wonder the darkness chased me down and tore me a part over the years?

They don’t like care bears in this world!

Regardless of my depression, I still try to be the old me – talking myself out of things, looking like a lunatic as I false smiles in the mirror, sigh and say to myself “It’s going to be a great day today”, then I go downstairs and walk into a screaming match between Paul and Henry and everyone storms out into different rooms and I just can’t help but think… well… no one said good morning and they’ve gone… is it me?

Tentatively put my desktop computer on, mooch over to pet the rabbit and see if he is OK and if the TV is off I may risk putting on some music for me and the rabbit as we don’t like a quiet room full of the residues of discontent.

I put the music on and open a window to try and get the bad vibes out, but then seconds later someone comes back because they’ve simply got to rant at me about how useless, rude, nasty, lazy whatever negative narrative about the other person they want at me and force me to take a side and I won’t.  I am a neutral Nicky.

They hate those kinds of people in this world too.

What happened?  Oh, I see, well maybe you need to see things from their perspective etc… but no, no, no, it doesn’t help.

Perhaps reacting without a shout could help?  But no, they shout at me then about why it’s not as easy as all that and how I am so annoying!

I go off to see the other person who hasn’t come back yet, I say something along the lines of – would you like a drink or a bite to eat and oh boy do I get snapped at!  It’s like living in a tank of piranhas at times!

Oh ok, I only asked, please don’t shout at me, then they whine their apologies and I have to try and cope with writing and my own mental health problems when this stuff is around me more often than not.

That’s how lonely I am here.  I have no release, I can’t rant to other people about it – there is no one around for me, they are all too self-absorbed.

They really wouldn’t miss me if what I said yesterday would happen in April, their only concern would be, there is no extra person to diffuse to anymore.

That’s my value here in this family – I am just a sort of shock absorber if you like?

Anyway, I do try… as I said, it’s hard to do it alone.

Thanks for reading!

Oh and remember, the happy quiet ones are the ones you need to care for the most and be the most considerate of – because we’re the ones who usually end up dead young.  One by one, only the good die young, they‘re only flying too close to the sun, and life goes on, without you By Queen – it’s a song that’s always haunted me, my gran was always afraid the song was about me!

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Peace amongst the roses

Dedicated to my prose, I sniff and smell the roses

They softly tickle my nose, the soft and velvet posies

I read my stories under them, pink petals they fall down

And cover my little pages, in the rose’s crown

I smell the pretty roses, their scent is bitter sweet

I sit amongst the roses, peace is quite a treat

I snuggle into reading; I sit and while the way

I want it to last all summer, but it won’t even last the day

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