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Top 10 pet stuff

Top 10 favourite pets are now listed along with a few other ideas regarding pets. 

Top 10 species to have as a pet!


Guinea pigs

Tropical fish



Macaw parrots


Pond fish



Top 10 favourite dog breeds

Mixed breeds

Border collies

Australian Shepherds

Yorkshire terriers (Not the tea cup varieties!  teddy cuts only)

Shih Tzus (best lap dog, I miss mine they had teddy haircuts or a 6 in the summer)

Rottweilers (they are softer hearted and gentler than you think)


Irish wolf hounds

Bearded collies


Top 10 tropical fish tank inmates


Neon Tetras

Dalmatian mollies


Panda loaches

White mollies

Black mollies

Black mottled mollies

Harlequin rasbora

Gold barbs

Top 10 pets wanted in the future

Dogs any kind would prefer minimum of 2 but will tolerate 1 on its own

Tropical fish tank

Pond fish

Guinea pigs

Buff Orpington chickens


A pair of macaw parrots

A hamster city

A pair of tortoises

A black or ginger maine coon cat or both lol

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This is who and what I am

Weather beaten I stand tall

Whiplashed and in pain I withstand the rain

I don’t care what you think of me

My dream has always been to be free

I don’t care what people say

I just sit around waiting for those better days

You can’t know what is in my heart

When you try to tear me apart

Nothing can be worse that this

I just search for love and bliss

You can see my battle scars

But you treat me like I’m from Mars

But you know one thing is clear to me

You can never ever be me

No you don’t have the strength to fight the storm

And batten down the hatches against the vicious swarm

Of hate and lies and words of contempt

You could fight it, but you won’t even attempt

That is why I know I have strength

That’s why your words don’t touch me

Because my heart is free from me

I’ve left it outside in the cold rain

It’s there to protect me from the pain

No more do I give a damn

This is who and what I am

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I’m single

My relationship status is “single” and I feel that I should let that be clear to everyone right now.

I would like a new relationship, but there is a lot of stuff I need to be clear on in my new relationship – so be prepared for the third degree if you’re interested because this time around I want things to be good – grounded, honest and open and I have a low tolerance to time wasters.

I don’t want you to please me with what you think I want to hear – I want honesty; if you can’t be open and honest about what you want and what you like in your own life then don’t even bother considering coming this direction!

I know that Paul is in no rush to see me leave yet, now he hasn’t got a replacement for me and he is trying to let me know he isn’t going to bother to look for anyone anymore, not even in our usual polygamous house ideas – but I won’t stay with him if I am disposable like that.  That came as a shock to me and I didn’t like it.

But Paul just wants people to know one thing about all this… he does see himself as a father care giver to me and he wants to ensure I am going to the best relationship possible.  If you can’t stomach talking to him to set his mind at ease that I have someone who’ll look after me, then perhaps you don’t have my best interests to heart eh?

You got to understand since 2013; Paul has not really been a fiancé to me, but more of a father figure and because my real dad is not available anymore, he has fully taken his place.

By the way, my spirits told me the first initial of the guy I am waiting for is R.

OK so private message me directly at TheTardyCreative@gmail.com

To contact Paul the email is PaullGamble@gmail.com

Thanks for reading! 

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