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I’m not the same

Choose life

Not the knife

Not the stainless steel

Don’t be ironic, be iconic

Live your life with zeal

There is love and it’s all for you

You don’t know how much its true

Because the shark came to claim

Doesn’t mean I’ll think the same

I don’t play that horrid game

I have been there too

Just know that I love you

So what are you going to do?

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That’s life isn’t it?

Waiting for a decision

Waiting to be seen

Waiting to be heard

Waiting to go

Waiting to buy

Waiting to sleep

Waiting to play

Waiting to sing

Waiting your life away till its stings

Waiting for love

Waiting for hope

Waiting for the pain to stop

Waiting for the dose

Waiting to post

Waiting to eat

Waiting to drink

Waiting for relief

Waiting for the grief

Waiting to shout

Waiting to talk

Waiting to take the dog for a walk

Waiting to pounce

Waiting to jump

Waiting for the new relationship dump

Waiting here

Waiting there

Waiting up and downstairs

Waiting for passion

Waiting for a dream

Waiting for friendship

Waiting to be redeemed

Waiting, waiting till you scream!


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