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Tree of life

The raven upon the wing espies her brother

The warrior king

Soon to fly to his nest

She sings a last farewell

Meet you in Hell

She caws to them

They that tried to do her harm

She sounds her alarm

To wake all that slept this day

To tell them, she will fly away

To a nest of promises and love

She is better than the dove

For she is a warrior through and true

She will fight for all of you

You who sleep this day

She will lead the way

All you need is hope in your heart

That when she departs

She is free

That the enemy can’t get to her tree

For the lion prowls to guard

The tree of life’s safeguard

From the roves of demon hoards

Directing angels with their swords

To defend the tree of God

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Blocked throat chakra

Words don’t come when you want them to

Your mind becomes a blank

Tongue tied is not the only problem

Your throat feels tightly cranked

You find it hard to swallow

You find it hard to think

You are very frightened that your words might stink

But listen very closely

I have some help for you

Just use a little magic

And words should soon flow through

Wear a turquoise near your throat

Your chakras all blocked up

Meditate a little while

Don’t feel so beat-up

And soon you will get talking

To the one you want

Because your chakra is nice and clean

And your words are on a jaunt

So just remember what I’ve said

And heed these wise, wise words

Just wear that blue stone around your neck

And your voice will fly like birds

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Some Tardy Creatives are fake!


I have heard that someone is pretending to be me in various social media platforms and emails.

Please acknowledge that if I haven’t given you a link to my profile through my blog page EMAIL ME or through a link at my blog roll side bar, then you have been talking to a fake.

I have heard that someone has been talking with me through a platform and they have sent money to me only for there not to be any updates on my blog pertaining to the agreement – an agreement I had no idea about!  BEWARE!

This person has also told me that someone believes they are in a relationship with me, whereas I am actually clueless about this.  So please do be warned, I am at present still single and I have not been talking to anyone with romantic intentions through anything other than the above stated links.

I will only ever do business with the EMAIL ME platforms and usernames and this blog I will not contact anyone outside of these areas and at present, I am not a business yet! 

Please believe me!

If you want to talk to me, talk to the real me through the EMAIL ME and side bar links please.

Stay safe!

Thanks for reading!

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