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Mark my words!

Hey my iron heart

How are you doing dear?

You are more precious than metal

And I love you, you hear?

Put the gauntlet back on

Don’t give up the fight

You will win this battle

My dear sweet knight

It’s a battle against time

That is all

When we are together, we will have a ball!

Mark my words and mark them well…

Everything is gonna turn out swell!

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Big boys

I’ve played with bigger boys than you

Those who respect a lady true

Big boys don’t use girls like toys

They don’t mope and make a noise

They lift their chin up and keep their pride

They don’t play games and then run and hide

They don’t bully girl who says “no”

Because they are valiant chivalric beaus

Unlike you, who cry and weep

Because you thought this girl was cheap

And she told you to go away

And so this is why you started to play

But her big boys are onto you

They know how to play, they’re not new

So this is what I suggest to you

Leave me alone

Stinky… whew!

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You won’t ruin two birds

You won’t ruin two birds with your game

The raven sees your stinky name

You won’t get the broken doll

Because she finds you very dull

Her metallic knight is bright and true

He loves her, not like you!

You won’t get to play with me

Because I don’t like you, can’t you see?

So go ahead and threaten me

But I will sting you like a bee!

If you dare come between me and he

Just you wait and see!

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You stink Mr.

You stink

You spaced out green monster

You stink

You Mr Scrooge

You stink

And you won’t have me

Because his love for me is huge

You stink

And you know it

It’s there in your name

You stink in all your glory, your power and your fame

You sit and you sulk

Like a pitiful little boy

Because you know this broken doll

Won’t become your toy

I love the one who is working hard for me

And you should know it isn’t you

You stink and I can’t take it

You stink like…. Ew

I know these games you are playing

I know what you try to do

But you’re not getting this broken dolly

So off you go now, shoo!

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Prove yourself wrong

Your heart is made of iron

You are very strong

You can get through all of this

Prove yourself wrong

Don’t give up trying

Don’t give up the fight

Get what you really want

Fight with all of your might

You can do this truly

You have come so far

Though fate is sometimes unruly

You have worn the warriors scar

You can win this battle

I’m your cheerleader

Go ahead and do it

Don’t give up right now

Live your dolce vita

Don’t stick with the stale

I’m rooting for you

In each and every way

And I know you will get there

Some special day!

It might not be tomorrow

It might not be next week

But I know when you do

I won’t critique

You’ve come so far

And I am proud of you

You can only do

What you can do

Don’t be so hard on yourself

Put your worries on the shelf

Keep the fight and keep real strong

And try to prove yourself wrong

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Space wars

Some people are bitter bullies

Trying to burn a star with a sun

A war out in space

An idiot thinks it’s fun

Some can’t take an answer like “no”

But how one can stoop, ever so low!

They try to punch an envious blow

Cause a fire in the pan

But does he really know who guides my hand?

His own presumed Lord and Master and his sister he hurts

He thinks he is untouchable, but he’ll get his just desserts

Because I am a Queen and I reign well

Anyone who messes with me, will burn in Hell

It is presumed we are the same

But we are not, he is lame

Because he messes with a game

That he can’t win at all

Because the guy is just a fool!

He has a choice to end this now

Stop his silly games

Or else he’ll feel the bite of hounds

Taking all his gains

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Dream home prompt

WordPress prompt today was interesting.

“Write about your dream home”.

My dream home would always have at least one spare bedroom in case anybody ever wanted to stay over.  Not many people do, but I kind of live in hope that someday a relative of mine will want to reconnect and we can have the stay, or whatever.

Before I became sick, I kind of had an open door policy, if you were related to me or you were a friend, you could come and visit whenever you liked and nobody really imposes on me because I am happy to have people around!

I’ve had Paul ask me in the past not to make people too comfortable or they will never leave.

It’s just my nature; I’d adopt the world if I could!

Because of this, I always like to have the biggest room in the house as the kitchen which has a communal soft living space in it and an informal dining area – because I love cooking for people and although I don’t socialise these days, I love to have people over.

I like large gardens both front and back, because I do a lot of home grown fruit and vegetable growing, so I can do big canning projects at the end of the year.  I love autumn/fall because of the harvest season and it’s a good excuse to spend several days in the kitchen making conserves and chutneys etc. for the year ahead.

I’d be a homesteader if I could and if I had the time.

I’d have chickens again to get my own fresh eggs and I love animals anyway, so I’d have a lot of different pets everywhere and a bunch of children and babies too!

There will be lots of soft areas around the house, with lots of cushions and swing chairs – I’d have areas on the floor where we could sit on cushions, because I prefer to sit cross-legged like a guru rather than sitting on a sofa like normal adults.

“Get your feet off the sofa” is commonly said to me, as I will sit cross-legged with my legs under me on the sofa, it’s a bad habit I guess? Especially when I encourage any pet I have to sit up there with me!

I like to both shower and bath and have the choice of that.

I like to have several different sections in my garden for different things.

My dream home would also include an indoor and outdoor swimming pool, because I am a water baby and love swimming a lot and I haven’t done it in years!

I am a bookworm and I have a huge book collection, over a thousand in fact and I want more books, a lot more.  So a library and an office would be essential for me – especially an art studio like a sun room or conservatory.  I really want to throw myself into art and I would love a small area where I can store my musical instruments in a safe, clean way where they won’t get damaged or forgotten!

I always fancied the idea of having a pet room, where indoor pets live, like guinea pigs, house rabbits and hamsters, like a rodent room I suppose, where they have homemade makeshift enclosures and in the garden would be separate areas fully protected from predatory wildlife, so they can go out from time to time.

I know the house sounds huge right now.  But it is a dream home; it doesn’t have to be practical or doable, just a little fantasy!

Henry and I have always wanted a miniature railway going all around the perimeter of the garden with little model villages we’d make together every fifty feet or so. 

I have always wanted a home as well with a brook or river on the edge of the property and a property that backs onto woodlands.

I have often thought about living somewhere similar in landscape to the river Severn as its really beautiful around there, the river banks etc. is lovely.

However much of a nature’s child I am, I will miss being too far away from a bustling city or a large town, I’d like to still be within range of great shopping opportunities and socialising.

I love the woodlands, I love lakes.

I like quirky homes or old homes but I am not too keen on beams everywhere.

I am sort of into Feng shui, so that sometimes needs consideration – but I can work around things.  Living with Paul who won’t help me against this war of the mirrors situation he has and the idea of having two or three small mirrors all close together in order to see a whole reflection has been one of the biggest problems we’ve had between us.

He hasn’t dealt with this yet and won’t let me take the mirrors down myself in fear I’d break them, because you know… I’m such a klutz!

It’s ridiculous as a grown woman I have to either bend over to see my reflection when brushing my teeth or brush my teeth on tip toe because the mirrors cut off from each other at my upper lip!

Very bad Feng Shui, Paul is not too affected, he can see in the top mirror fine, but he has a lot of stomach issues, as do I and as does Henry now he is of similar height to me now!

I wonder why?  Hmm such a big mystery I think not – not if you know your Feng Shui!

I bought a new mirror a few months back so he could take them down – ha-ha still not up yet!  My new full length one isn’t up yet either!

Which explains my last thing for a perfect home – all chores get done when they are needed and nothing is left at minimum 6 months before it’s done, and never left for years upon years half finished by the main maintenance guy of the house!

Oh and lovely healing crystals everywhere almost – especially hanging them in the window for rainbows to flood the room during the day!

Thanks for reading! 

P.S Amazon wish list can be found on my blogroll, someone asked to see it recently.  Thank you! 

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It’s a con

My heart breaks daily, that I’m alive

I wake and everything is the same

I’m going demented with the sameness

It’s all a drain

The things I want – unreachable

The love and the joy is gone

People say that life is great

I say it’s a con


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