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Mother tried

Am I evil for taking revenge?

When man ripped my wings, stole and killed my people?

Scattering them across the four corners of the world and fed them the diet of poison

Lies trickling from their mouths infecting babies with its eternal parasitic sickness

Turning away from their mother, their source, their life

To follow a path of torment and strife

Becoming slaves to a cruel master and made intoxicated in their hatred for the truth

I tried to save them but the lies blocked their ears and eyes from me

Screaming devil in my face and chanting obscenities till they fell sick and silent and stunned

Till there was no one left, but me

I tried to warn them

I tried to set them free

But nevermore do they heed me

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A new Eden

I have bitten the tail off a scorpion said the raven

To stop its poison spreading

Flew up into the tree of God to watch the lions wedding

The children of the world will come

Everyone will cheer

For the whole world has been waiting for this day, for many a year

And the sun will shine down on Eden for it has come back to Earth

Because a special one is coming, hark here comes the birth!

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I smell bad energy…

A witch who tries to affect free will is a very evil creature.

I have no respect for witches of any kind who does this sort of thing – I have never tried to affect free will in anyone – it’s a dangerous game, a seriously dangerous game!

The obsession it could cause, the violence, the pain, it’s utterly not worth it!

I’d appreciate witches reading this to feel the same way and to stop their stupid games, because a true blood witch can sense when people are playing around – even when those people are not the actual practitioners sending magic their way, they know where the source comes from.

They know the type of magic or energy for example, like, Hermeticism, Kabbalist energy, Nordic witch, Soloman Keys, chakra imbalances all kinds of things – a veteran witch who is a witch by birth and blood, will sense exactly where it is coming from and from how many sources and what the potential outcome is desired; as well as who the person is – that desires these things to be done to the witch.

So with this being said, yes I am a witch and no I never EVER do spells against someone’s free will because the universe has a horrible way in rebounding this on people who do that, so that they lose their free will as an act of karmic justice… just to warn those who don’t really know what they’re doing!

I can’t help what’s happening in someone’s life, I can’t help that they don’t like something that’s going on and just because I am a witch, they have the discrimination to believe I am doing these things when in fact I am not – so they are bombarding energies at me and they’re going to cause themselves a lot of harm in the long term and that won’t be my fault.  All I am doing at my end is putting up defences and cleansing away the muck being thrown in my direction!

I really appreciate the worries this person has, but it’s not me.

The energies being thrown my way scare me, not for myself, but the person who has instigated this as its very black stuff and my spirits are ferociously protective of me, I can’t imagine the shit that’s going to erupt in their life in less than 12yrs time.

It will unfold slowly over 12yrs and it won’t be pleasant.

Particularly as you are using the same stuff I do and using the same protective spirits, ironically!

It happens to people who are stupid enough to allow their emotions to control their better judgement, I mean, after all, the practitioners helping you have warned you, but you’ve chosen to be cocky and ignore them.

Really foolish creature actually!

So, for any witches reading this, don’t ever try to affect free will in anyone, ever and do make sure that the person who you want to send magic towards is not actually a witch in their own right first, or they’ll know about it and not every witch is as level headed as I am!

Thanks for reading!

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Be ready to play

So, spiritual warfare it is

I know you set them to do it

I know you are a coward in your heart

You are too scared to touch this shit

You want to play in the dark

To make a thing go away

But it grows stronger under attack, in every single way!

I know who you are and what you do

And you won’t win for I am onto you

I haven’t messed with magic for love

I don’t do things like this

But I will stand for my right to be

I won’t stand for your piss

I will defend my life with fire

I can’t help his desire

But if you want to play in the flames with me

Be ready to go down with me!

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Just remember…

Sometimes old poems needs to be reposted to make people remember a few things.

When a witch bites another witch

The other witch she knows

Especially when the other witch is new to witchy clothes

A more experienced witch can feel the bite she makes

And knows who exactly who bit her and then makes her eat the karma cake!

The spell rebounds on the newbie witch

It rolls around a bit

It doubles up and fills her cup with her own shit

Don’t mess with me and I won’t to you

Witches are sisters whether old or new

Leave my hair and teeth alone

Or you’ll be ragged like a pile of bones

A friendly reminder to those who try

Mess with a blood witch and you’re sure to die!

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So I can learn

Have I lost my value with a few choice words?

What did I say that seemed so absurd?

How can a poet write a story at ease?

If you think that my stories are there to tease?

Instead of just flowing the words

Flowing ideas, flying like birds

Into heavens, into the skies

Discussing philosophical lies

How can I express my confusion in faith?

When I am surrounded by talkative wraiths

Who sound out my thoughts like a bell to the ears

And mixes me up with emotions and fears

How can I find my way out of this mess

If I am blockaded to express

Because I may lose everything I love

For in this confusion they’ve given me the shove

When I need to be taken by the hand

And shown a way out of this lost land

Out of limbo and away from pain

So I can learn to live again

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Either way

Well that’s what they said, I don’t know if it’s true

Things are confusing me and confusing you

Dreams come and then they go

I don’t know which one to trust or follow

I don’t know light, I don’t know dark

I think I will just follow my own path

I can’t keep dithering which way to go

Because in reality, I do not know!

All I know is I am in love

Whether he is a raven or a dove

I belong with him

Deep in his arms

Regardless good or bad his charms

And when he comes I will know who I am

Because either way, I could be damned

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I know who

I shudder in the coldness of light

Blanketed by the warmth of darkness

Demons protect every fibre of my being

From folk like you, who wish to tear my soul apart with lies!

Never has one lied to me, they’ve shown the deception of the light to me

And never once did I falter to see, what the light had tried to change in me

Never once did my love cave in and turned against my kindred Djinn

They showed me who was black in heart who live in light as their mask

And never shall I falter still, to see that the light does me ill

And neither shall I allow it to win, to massacre my kindred Djinn

For the light had shown me the dragon was death

But he is my brother and we share our breath

To kill him would be to eat the fruit of life

And shatter heaven’s afterlife

To kill him would destroy the Kingdom of God

For I know who bares the mark of Yod

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Tina acrostic poem

Trust is something I try to hold onto

In a world of masks and lies

Nothing is as it seems here

All is a big surprise!

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Building an anthology

I am gathering together a collection of poems for an anthology of my own written works; I have been considering this for a few months now and I think I am ready to start one.

Because I want my anthology to be traditionally published, I realise I can’t use any of the poems that have been published here on my blog, they simply won’t allow that.

So I am using newer fresher poems to do that, which may mean that poetry may start to slow down here on my blog for a few weeks or however long it takes for me to complete an anthology.  Sorry about that.

I will still post daily, but I can’t guarantee poetry daily for now.

Thanks for reading!

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