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Who I want to be

I don’t live to impress you

I wear my comfy clothes

I throw myself into aesthetics

I like these things you know?

I don’t care if you approve or not

Your opinion is nothing to me

I do whatever I like!

And I like whatever I please!

Though you look down on me and sneer

And say I have no taste

But I do you see, it is not yours

I don’t copy another’s face

I’m proud to be me and who I am

I like pink and fluffy things

I don’t care about your words

To me they do not sting

You like what you like

I like what I want

I don’t know why it bothers you

I don’t know why it should haunt

I wear my cardis and dungarees with a sense of pride

Because I stay true to myself

To myself I haven’t lied!

I like soft cuddly things; I like to wear a hug

I don’t hate on another for what they wear, I don’t act like a thug

So keep your mouth shut because you’re a bore

I don’t want to hear your vitriol anymore

I like me, for who I am

I don’t care if you aren’t down with my jam!

I sing my own song, I sing it with pride

I don’t wear someone else’s style

To myself I haven’t lied

I don’t give a fuck what you think of me

Who I am, that’s what I want to be!

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