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Flying bubbles don’t play with knives

I’m a skeleton of my former self

That person don’t exist no more

Dead and gone and wasted

Life’s negativity has bored

A hole into my soul and mind

You can look for the old me

But you won’t find

I am gone and I am someone new

When you see me, you’ll say who are you?

You can’t be who you say you are…

What has happened? 

Where’s the scars?

There are none, because I’m not bothered by you

I have healed them through and through

I am no longer touched by you

You can’t hurt me I’ve come through

I am stronger on the other side

I different your access denied

I am me, in my truest form

And I don’t care if you quip or scorn

Your words are water off my back

You can’t keep me from my track

I will sing my song loud and clear

Till my angels shout and cheer

For you will not like it so

Because you can’t cause me pain and woe

But never mind, I’m sure you’ll live

Meanwhile, I will forgive

But I won’t have you back in my life

Because flying bubbles don’t play with knives

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