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New York Swamp Park

I had a dream last night where I was on a hill looking down at white rooftops of a town all around me, I felt like I was in Scandinavia somewhere, the style of the houses were like that.

Three women were looking at me, because it was snowy and I was dressed in something as thin and flimsy as a slip out in the street, in the snow, on a hill, looking about me – they laughed.

They tried to communicate with me but I was awkward and I turned into a gold and white swirly ball of light and flew around them once and up into the air and far away.

I realised I was flying fast all the way over the ocean, everything blurry and the wind dampening my clothes as I zoomed through the air.

Once again I found myself heading towards New York.

When I landed in New York, I landed outside a building that may or may not be a museum that had black statues inside of alcoves of the outside walls.  When I landed I looked younger than I am now, not much younger, but I had the figure I am working towards.  I was wearing pale jeans, pink trainers/sneakers with cartoon characters on and I was wearing a My Little Pony themed T-shirt and cross body bag.

I saw newspapers all over the floor of the street and the streets seemed quiet to me, there were people around, but not as many as I would expect in New York.

I knew that a long way away somebody I wanted to meet was there, but I didn’t know how to get to them. 

I decided to walk to what I thought was a park over a little brook. 

When I got there the path became narrow and had wooden sheets here and there along the path and I realised that either side of the path there was lots of water and big gnarly trees and the water was shallow and had big and I mean massive goldfish, some so big they swam so slowly because of their size.

What was confusing was this park looked too much like what you would find in Florida, as the water was shallow, swirling with grey misty like substance in the water, the whole park covered in moss and gnarly trees, reeds in the water and small crocodiles.

One of the crocodile was attempting to eat one of the huge goldfish but the goldfish was actually winning the fight and I was confused by that and told an old man about what I was seeing and all he said was “yeah, they give as good as they get here”!

I continued down the path and things were getting darker and more mossy and slippery and there were more wooden sheets along the path that made the path really rocky and I kept on for some time until there were small gaps in the path which meant I had to jump over to the other side or fall into the water which was scary as there were crocodiles around and then continued for a little way and then I abruptly came to a dark red door. 

I opened the door and there was a scruffy large old man balancing on a tall stool in the corner of the room but in a section of the room that was in the water and there was a small crocodile in that water.

In the other corner by him, the old man who spoke to me about the fish pushed passed to sit in the other stool only he wasn’t balancing so good on his stool and I was afraid for him.

I saw there was a larger stool in the middle for me which was lower down near the water by about 6 inches and I had to hop from this platform, covered in brown newspapers and wooden sheets to get to my much larger stool – the stool was so large in fact, three adults could stand on it with elbow room.

I stood there and felt confused why I was there and there was a little murky window covered in algae and grey substance around the edges of it I was peering out of – the men was like – no point looking out there, you won’t find anything.

I was looking once again in the direction at a different point of where I felt I needed to go to see this person I wanted to see.

I turned around when I heard a noise behind me and a guy in his 40s entered the room with sheets of paper on a binder all messy and falling apart – he looked like a stereotypical rock fan, in a rock of the 90s T-shirt in burgundy colours and he had thick black curly hair to his shoulders.

He spoke like a proper dude and was about to introduce himself, when I hopped off my stool to be back on the first platform with him – he said to me, aren’t you staying to let me read you your past so you can determine your future and see what’s there because of your past?

I said, um no thanks, I don’t want you to pry into that as its personal and there are a lot of people in my past I don’t want you to read as its confidential for them and wouldn’t be fair to them!

He said, but you haven’t decided to live yet – let me read something to help you decide.

I said, no thanks, I will be fine; I need to go over there and find someone.

He looked through the window confused and looked at me and said, he isn’t so sure I should and he was upset he couldn’t read to me.

So I ignored him and went out of the room, jumped over the gaps in the wooden sheets and literally ran as fast as I could all through the whole narrow park and there were people on the path moaning at me and saying I could knock people into the water or fall in myself and it would be my own fault! 

I ran till I got to the edge of the park and at the park gates, where there seemed to be a very posh looking man in a suit with white gloves and I had to wait to leave whilst he checked a crystal – when he checked the crystal he opened a black box and held a red book in his arms and looked inside – he said well done, you may leave and he gestured I could go.

I walked to the left rather than the middle path he was expecting me to take and I walked down the street till I came to a market stall and I was looking at stickers – when the person I wanted to meet found me looking at things at the stall with a friend of theirs and they came over to me astonished I went to find them.

They hugged me from behind and were talking excitedly to their friend about who I was.

I pointed and I said I was going to come looking for you over there, I pointed to the far left of the city and they said, but I live over there, pointing to the far right!

I literally woke up right the realisation.

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