About the blog

This blog was meant to consist mainly of short stories and my journey into creating a creative career primarily in writing, but things and my life have progressed beyond this.

I am a fantasy, horror and dystopian author and an abstract impressionist artist who likes to work with watercolours and mixed media.  Until now, I rarely show any of my artwork on my blog, but this is changing very soon! 

This blog is now here to show everybody about my life, my past, present and my hopes for the future; it will show you snippets of my writing, stories, poems and songs, it will show you the art I do and my inspirations.  This blog will also show you how I am trying to better myself on more levels than just my future career; it will show you how I am learning to define myself after years of isolation, suppression of self-expression and abuse.

I will talk about my health, both physical and mental and I will show you how I am becoming the best version of myself that I can be despite my many boundaries.

The topics I will share with you will be vast but ultimately, it is me.

I will show you the very core of my being and sometimes it may be too raw to stomach, but I hope that some of you in similar situations to me may find some kind of help and inspiration to also change your life for the better too, regardless of your obstacles!

I have no higher education whatsoever and barely even the minimal of normal education at all, due to the fact that I was home educated by a dyslexic mother.  Everything you learn from me here is self-taught, I am a self-taught writer, I am a self-taught artist, and nothing here is the result of any formal education at all!  Therefore my grammar and punctuation flaws can be explained, but I am trying to learn how to overcome these issues and I am teaching myself now, as I speak.  I have been teaching myself ever since I broke free from my abusers in 2009.

Because I have been supressed and isolated for so long, this blog is a journey not only about my career as a writer and artist, but also about me finding out who I really am!  It is about me becoming courageous to totally change my life in all areas, to create the identity that is really me – to come out of my shell as it were.

I am learning about life and I hope you will take this journey with me too!

Happy reading!

2 responses to “About the blog

  1. toad (chris jensen)

    Thank you for the follow the blog, I see that you write essays, poems is what I’ve writing mostly of lately turned on to poetry by a couple of blogging ladies.

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