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I have now got into the habit of checking all my emails daily, please feel free to message me. But although I do so daily, remember I am on GMT time and I tend to look at emails around 2pm to Midnight as this is the time I am most likely to be writing and I check once sometime twice a day!

My emails are;

I prefer Gmail as it gives me the option of live chatting with people if they want that.

I am also on many social media accounts, I only check Universeodon and Twitter daily, the others around three times a week.

@CreativeTardy on Twitter – I no longer use @FantasyFed and should really delete that.

TardyCreative on Instagram

@thetardycreative on Pinterest

@TardyCreative on Universeodon

Paul is allowing me to let me tell you his email address, because some people have been very worried about my health and wish to receive updates if I have been quiet for awhile.  Paul can be contacted at

Please note Paul is unreliable in updating me about messages he gets for me and he doesn’t like receiving anything these days as we are separating.

Thank you all and happy reading!

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