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The bliss that once was

Have you forgotten how to laugh?

How words fell out of mouths to bring joy not discontent

For the want of a light hearted time and prosperity

To throw away the darkness of a day and just forget

When did we lose our sense of humour?

When once we frivolously bantered in the want of fun

And nobody took it seriously, the words, mere words spoken by a jester because of sardonic irony

Never any real malice was its intent

And the sun shone bright back then, for we people forgave the attempt to alleviate

When did we all deviate from the light of the world?

When did our blood run cold to jocund distractions and bent ourselves up in anger and bitterness?

When will time show us what we have lost in pleasure?

Cautious to laugh as sacred joy has become a sin

It’s no use now, use it or lose it and we are nearly lost

Lost in the darkness, fearful to inject blithe reflections of the human state

Swamped in the sensitive depressions of those who have strayed from their souls too long

And together we will all stand in the shadows of our former selves

Unthinking, unfeeling and silent

Soon to forget the bliss that once was

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You need a storm

Sometimes the storm is just what you need to kick all the shit out your life

Brave the storm and put your chin up, soon there’ll be an end to your strife

Someday the clouds will clear and there will be blue skies once again

Happiness will be yours and luck will be your friend

Just persevere in the wind and hail and you will find, you’ll see

That good things come after the storm and a new life eventually

You can’t stay huddled away from the storm, that’s not what is meant for you

You need to brave the storm my dear to show you the way through!

So when times are hard and the rain beats down, just remember this

That soon it will all blow over and you will find your bliss!

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Produce amazing literature

I have a remedy for this and a remedy for that

Which idea to pick of mine?

I have an idea for everything; my mind is like a shop of time

I will make it, I’m sure I will

For each idea I have, is a time I should kill

Every little thing that’s me, is all the ideas that you can see

How you will write them I do not know

For I do not follow the path you go

I have my own and a wonder it is

It’s a shame to steal another’s bliss

It’s a shame not to accept who you are

If you did you’ll go as far

As I have come with my ideas

And through the blood, sweat and the tears

Produce amazing things to see

In literature, that is made like me

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This is who and what I am

Weather beaten I stand tall

Whiplashed and in pain I withstand the rain

I don’t care what you think of me

My dream has always been to be free

I don’t care what people say

I just sit around waiting for those better days

You can’t know what is in my heart

When you try to tear me apart

Nothing can be worse that this

I just search for love and bliss

You can see my battle scars

But you treat me like I’m from Mars

But you know one thing is clear to me

You can never ever be me

No you don’t have the strength to fight the storm

And batten down the hatches against the vicious swarm

Of hate and lies and words of contempt

You could fight it, but you won’t even attempt

That is why I know I have strength

That’s why your words don’t touch me

Because my heart is free from me

I’ve left it outside in the cold rain

It’s there to protect me from the pain

No more do I give a damn

This is who and what I am

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