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My dragon & art

I drew this the other day

I drew this the other day

This is my attempt at drawing a dragon, it’s not 100% good because I am not an actual artist and I rarely practice drawing; in fact, I’ve only ever done about thirty pictures in the whole of my adult life, though many would dispute that I can draw like this given that fact.  Why?

Art is an innate talent in the family I was raised in and therefore I used to sit and watch many people draw, I am better at outlines than details.  I will be trying to do a lot more drawings in future because I am going insane with the images in my mind that I can’t put down on paper as accurately as I see them.  I want the world to see what’s in my mind as well as hear about it.  There’s fantastical landscapes I want to draw and many other things, unfortunately I am very unlucky in that all my best works have either been stolen, ripped up by angry people, had drinks spilled on them or accidentally left in the care of toddlers.  I am really angry about a piece of art I accomplished about twelve years ago, it was my personal project at a day center for home schooled kids, they specialized in art and creative writing and they let the kids choose what they do all the time, nothing structured and I worked on the same piece of art for six months, determined to make it look like  a black and white photograph; the picture was of Dracula’s castle (based on the supposed real castle) everyone commented how 3D it looked and in that whole time it was only about a third done, then I was put back into mainstream education without the chance in saying goodbye to the people and friends at the center or the opportunity to get my hands on all my hard-work, so it was left there unfinished.  I begged something rotten to get that piece of art, but Violet just wouldn’t give in, too far, don’t like Leila (the organizer of the center) etc.

Another example of lost art is I did a picture of Baphomet on the throne holding the world in one hand and a scepter in another, it was my attempt at a copy of an image at the back of a Nostradamus book, I was so proud but unfortunately my boyfriend at the time (a devout Catholic) got the wrong idea and got angry at me and ripped it up before my eyes and called me a witch, he shortly threw me out of his house after that.

Though the world craves for new talent in art, art isn’t still widely accepted as a talent, past time or job and that’s such a shame, it needs to change.

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