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I smell bad energy…

A witch who tries to affect free will is a very evil creature.

I have no respect for witches of any kind who does this sort of thing – I have never tried to affect free will in anyone – it’s a dangerous game, a seriously dangerous game!

The obsession it could cause, the violence, the pain, it’s utterly not worth it!

I’d appreciate witches reading this to feel the same way and to stop their stupid games, because a true blood witch can sense when people are playing around – even when those people are not the actual practitioners sending magic their way, they know where the source comes from.

They know the type of magic or energy for example, like, Hermeticism, Kabbalist energy, Nordic witch, Soloman Keys, chakra imbalances all kinds of things – a veteran witch who is a witch by birth and blood, will sense exactly where it is coming from and from how many sources and what the potential outcome is desired; as well as who the person is – that desires these things to be done to the witch.

So with this being said, yes I am a witch and no I never EVER do spells against someone’s free will because the universe has a horrible way in rebounding this on people who do that, so that they lose their free will as an act of karmic justice… just to warn those who don’t really know what they’re doing!

I can’t help what’s happening in someone’s life, I can’t help that they don’t like something that’s going on and just because I am a witch, they have the discrimination to believe I am doing these things when in fact I am not – so they are bombarding energies at me and they’re going to cause themselves a lot of harm in the long term and that won’t be my fault.  All I am doing at my end is putting up defences and cleansing away the muck being thrown in my direction!

I really appreciate the worries this person has, but it’s not me.

The energies being thrown my way scare me, not for myself, but the person who has instigated this as its very black stuff and my spirits are ferociously protective of me, I can’t imagine the shit that’s going to erupt in their life in less than 12yrs time.

It will unfold slowly over 12yrs and it won’t be pleasant.

Particularly as you are using the same stuff I do and using the same protective spirits, ironically!

It happens to people who are stupid enough to allow their emotions to control their better judgement, I mean, after all, the practitioners helping you have warned you, but you’ve chosen to be cocky and ignore them.

Really foolish creature actually!

So, for any witches reading this, don’t ever try to affect free will in anyone, ever and do make sure that the person who you want to send magic towards is not actually a witch in their own right first, or they’ll know about it and not every witch is as level headed as I am!

Thanks for reading!

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So I can learn

Have I lost my value with a few choice words?

What did I say that seemed so absurd?

How can a poet write a story at ease?

If you think that my stories are there to tease?

Instead of just flowing the words

Flowing ideas, flying like birds

Into heavens, into the skies

Discussing philosophical lies

How can I express my confusion in faith?

When I am surrounded by talkative wraiths

Who sound out my thoughts like a bell to the ears

And mixes me up with emotions and fears

How can I find my way out of this mess

If I am blockaded to express

Because I may lose everything I love

For in this confusion they’ve given me the shove

When I need to be taken by the hand

And shown a way out of this lost land

Out of limbo and away from pain

So I can learn to live again

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Damned blasted poet

Damned blasted poet

Always writing her emotions

Flooding us in her tears that have formed giant oceans

Drowning us in the waves of her heartache and despair

Throwing out disharmony without ever a care!

Is there no uplifting prose that she could ever write?

Or is everything we read about yet another fight?

Can she not write about the roses or the birds that sing in spring?

Can she not write about the weather or a shiny wedding ring?

Must she always write so dull about agony and pain?

Must she always fly above us and entrench us in the rain?

Damned blasted poet

I beg you stop your whimpers and your gripes

We love your prose and literature but please write other types!

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Boat bound for dreams

I flow through life in a boat bound for dreams

Everything surreal happens to me it seems

Comedy and tragedy are my best friends

If I fall out my boat at least I’m cleansed

You need a sense of humour to flow through life

Or else bad things that happens, will cut like a knife

And you will be all down in the dumps

Covered in scars and bruises and bumps

When if you vomited rainbows and laughed at the pain

You will see the bad energy start to drain

And you won’t feel so down in the blue

You’ll start to feel more like you

Don’t drown yourself in your tears and woe

Just get back in that boat and row

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Sea of sorrow

My tears fill the salty sea

Do you swim and play in my sea of sorrow?

What about tomorrow?

Does my heart mean anything to you?

Or do you take pleasure from my pain?

Do you think that I am vain, for loving you?

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My heart My Mind

My heart is like a raven, driven to lunacy

Tearing at its own fibres, because of the wrought words that were thrown at it by cruel tongues

Killing itself as it pulls itself to pieces

Getting ever blacker as its beat slows down to its death

Till its last breath

And then it dies

My mind is like a salted slug contorted with pain, driven insane

Clenching to itself as it aches for loving words

It feels so cursed by its suppressers

Unable to express their desires, fraught with anxiety

Bitten by society and their lies

Then it too dies

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Loveless Hell

Though it’s grey and dark

My heart still beats

Slow with apathy

Slow with pain

I question will I love again?

Or is my heart still doomed?

I sit amongst the gloom

Soaked with tears

I’ve sat in this position for years

Wondering will my heart beat with the throes of spring

Or will it forever sting?

My tears have burned scars into my face

Will I ever be in a happy place?

Time will tell

Till then I am in a loveless Hell

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Hand to Earth

The daffodils are deafening in the spring

The blackbirds sing their chorus on the wing

The trees strum their roots in time

Whilst the bumblebee hums their rhyme

Though you hear it not, mortal men and foe

For you are away from nature and cause it woe

You drown the fishes in your decay

You choke the air as you ride away

You do not see what you have done

You only blame the heat of the sun

You can’t feel responsible for all this pain

You only think of what you gain

What gold lines your pockets well

What will make your stomach swell

And though you have what you feel is good

You haven’t really thought and stood

Beside nature hand to Earth

And realise all that it is worth

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My tears will oust the flames of Hell

For all those people who there dwell

I’m an anchoress for all you see

My tears will heal and set you free

My love burns fiercer than the fire

My love is pure and without desire

I will heal your aching hearts

The power of God is off the charts

For I know one thing is true

I know every one of you

And here my tears will wash away your pain

So that you are free again

And into heaven you will fly

This is why I pray and cry

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I regret the scrawls

I’m lost in pain

Drowned in thoughts

Twisted in knots

My heart churns like a sick stomach

Going insane with the loneliness

Swirling in a spell of bad blood

Spitting poisons and toxins till they flood

Because I had a dream

The dream scared me

Told me I can’t be free of being used

Cast away like an old shoe

Nobody can love someone like me

Because I’m ugly, can’t I see?

I’m stupid, immature and broken

Even worse, I’m stupid because I’ve spoken

About my fears though they might be wrong

But I can’t wait till I belong

With someone who loves me true and through

Someone to swim with me in the blue

Or better yet pick me up in a yacht

And sail off with me like a shot

I try to think of better things

But fears like that just ring and ring

Inside my head day and night

It makes me dribble words when I write

Lots of drivel on my blog

Creating a depressing catalogue

Of all my thoughts, hopes and fears

Things I will regret down the years

But I do try to calm myself

And put my feelings on a shelf

But the burden grows intense with weight

So writing this alleviates

Though it’s hard to stomach I know that

I am sorry for all the inner combat

I haven’t slept last night not much at all

Just sat up and regret the scrawls

But I need to get these things out there

Because those dreams did really scare!

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