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I am carrying on

I am London, Yorkshire and Crewe

I am British, Italian, and Jew

I am Catholic, Irish and Dutch

I am this and that, I am much

I am born from survivors and skivers

I was bred from majorettes and taxi drivers

I am sugar, bread and tea

I am all these things you see

I am bleach, smoke and dirt

I am cosy words and hurt

I am rock, rap and pop

I am everything and I won’t stop!

I am velvet, coir and leather

I am lavender, hollyhock and heather

I am heavy but my heart is light

I am everything in sight

I am a library, a kitchen, a spa

I am going places, far!

I am sunshine and the rain

I am humour though inane

I am dreaming and I am real

I am carrying on until…

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My heart is like a caged bird

My heart is like a caged bird that is afraid to sing its song

Trapped in a cage of memories of those who’ve done her wrong

My heart is like a block of ice, waiting to melt for someone new

Someone loving, kind, sweet and true

Who will gain the trust of my caged heart?

So she can be tamed again, someone who is compassionate and help it to mend

My heart is like the fragile wings of a butterfly

Handled by the wrong hands and it will surely die

My heart it sits in yearning for someone close and warm

To relight the fire within and shelter it from the storm

My heart used to be fierce and free and love with all its might

Everyone who came to it, the heart shone its light

Till too many showed her lies and used her in every way

So eventually the hearts light started to fade away

My heart is like a candle that has lost its burning glow

Each night she prays for someone true, someone who won’t put on a show

My heart it has so much to give

A hamper of all the best

If someone true comes and finds it, they will be surely blessed

For I love with all my heart and my heart is fierce and true

My heart will beat like a drum, music just for you!

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I’ll Try

I’ll throw caution to the wind

I’ll try discomfort although it’s queer

I will stand shoulder to shoulder with love

No matter how much I fear

Though these words make me shy

I am blushing as they are written

But I have to say one thing – with you I’m truly smitten

I can’t turn away from this

I’ll regret it more than you can know

I think I’m safe within your arms

Together we will grow!

I can’t promise I won’t waver

I can’t promise I will cope

But I will try my best just for you

Well, let’s just see and hope!

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Get your finger out my pie!

Get your finger out my pie

Lest the poison make you die

Take not what was made for me

My dessert for my efforts, see

You can’t be me, no matter how you try

To attempt will make you die

Your spirit won’t like to be

Something it’s not meant to, see!

This is for me, this is mine

This is not for you to dine

I can eat this slice of pie

The poison within won’t make me die

Because I’m made of stronger stuff than you

I am creative through and through

I do not steal like the likes of you

So get your finger out my pie

Lest you want your spirit to die

For you can’t be like me you see

A thief is an ugly beasty

Written 5:33pm 15th March 2023

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Creative locket

Come along now, come and rush at me!

I’ve a lot of things to steal

Great ideas a plenty, to pay for your gold and meals

I strive to make a difference

To be happy and be free

So come on everybody, try to steal it away from me!

I know you want to

I know you dare

I know that you don’t really care!

So come and get them

All these things

The things I’ve made

To be doused in bling

Stolen concepts to fill your pocket

Come and take my creative locket

And sell your soul to the devil for more

Steal from me in all galore!

The Devil laughs at what you do to me

Sharpening his trident in evil glee

Knowing that you are cursed by he

For stealing these gifts that came to me!

So shine your little heart out there

With things you’ve stolen but beware

That life isn’t always as glorious as this

Soon your wine will taste like piss

And your meal filled with worms and sod

Because you are a thief and will suffer the rod!

Because these gifts came to me from God!

Written 5:14pm 15th March 2023

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Being too technical

I’ve never really been formally educated to understand what a vignette is, a lyrical piece of writing, a prose, a poem vs rhyme or sonnet and what constitutes flash fiction, micro-fiction and so forth; but I do try to learn, even though I don’t understand it.

I want to understand it, but I think it goes in one ear and out the other; I just can’t seem to absorb technicalities.

I may incorrectly be calling things on my blog “A vignette” when it isn’t, mistaking vignettes for mere philosophy and even putting philosophical prose amongst fiction rather than non-fiction without actually understanding that my philosophy was in prose format.

I don’t really know what I am talking about here, can you tell?

I am trying to be smart, but I really should try and give up trying to do things like that and just get on with it and hope for the best!

I am for all sense and purposes a creative person, its art no matter what form it is – why worry?  I could be ground-breaking, doing something new and all the worry about trying to do something old could ruin it all because I was trying to be smart and technical about it.

Or I could just confuse everyone and never get anywhere…

That could happen too…

Thanks for reading…

03:01am 24th February 2023

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one, two, three

One, two, three

Just checking that everything is nice and perky

Four, five, six

What kinds of crazy tricks

Seven, eight, nine

This is a nonsense kind of rhyme

Ten, eleven, twelve

Should I post or put on the shelves?

Thirteen, fourteen, fifteen

This is stupid, it must be the caffeine

6:25pm 24th February 2023

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How can you understand?

The life I’ve had has been painful

Hard lessons I have learned

How to dodge a slap

How not to be burned

The world is a hard place

A school of knocks and tears

A place where you cannot rest your laurels

Because of all the fears

A place where life is challenged

Where love is mocked and caned

A place where compassion is weakness

And happiness is strained

I can’t tell you what I’ve seen and know

Because it’s hard to tell

For how can someone who lives in Heaven, understand someone from Hell?

Written 5:05pm 22nd February 2023

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Lions den

I feel you reaching out

I stretch out my hand

I know that things are different

Here in this foreign land

I hold your hand quite tightly

A reassuring squeeze

I hope that this brings you some sort of ease

I know the time is coming

Though I do not know when

It’s time to join the lion

In the lion’s den

Written 6:16am 22nd February 2023

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True Love Heals

Love is the gentle tickle as the breeze brushes past your ears, whispering sentiments of warmth, comfort, memory and tranquillity.

It is the tight embrace around your waist and the flickering of butterfly wings kissing your cheek.

Its scent is powdery, floral with a hint of spice and soothes your soul as you breathe it in deep.

Its taste an addictive mellifluous dessert, a treat for your tongue, a caress for your mouth as it tickles and teases its way down your throat and makes everything feel just right.

It’s the warm soft cashmere worn in the late autumn around your neck, smothering you in all its glory with its protection from the coldness of life, a sweeper of strife and a reassuring nuzzle when you are not feeling you best.

Love sounds like a happy baby, kind words, a lullaby and soft like cotton it pacifies you as you are gently lulled to sleep.

True love doesn’t make you weep.

True love cannot harm you.

True love heals.

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